Thursday, 1 March 2007


Nigerian designer getting major attention where it matters in the fashion industry. DURO OLOWU celebrated the success of his debut line...The Agbada dresses, careful construction. A fashion insider, Duro has emerged with outstanding dresses, made from vintage fluid fabrics which he sources all over the world.

"I like to make clothes for women to feel good about themselves," he goes on. "And that they don't feel they'll see everywhere."

He values good and careful tailoring as this is the basis for carefully constructed fluid dresses. I love his agbada dresses featured in his fashion week debut earlier in the year. A fashion favourite, Duro Olowu is here to make a lasting expression.

Chain Gang @ London fashion weekend

Just how i love my chains, the more the merrier, she caught my eye as soon as i walked in. Loving the boots as well, what am i on, LOVE the entire outfit.