Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Chat up line of the day

"Can i take you to dinner tonight and send you flowers tomorrow?"

This is from a stalker who has become a friend(ish). We have been through some tough times, from the day he commented quite randomly on my picture, to summarizing my facebook page, to sending me emails to remind me to reply previous emails and complaining that i take too long to reply and that makes him think, "gosh i hate her so much." Yes there are people out there who get very emotional if you do not reply their messages in under 24hrs. I also have a best(ish) friend who was a pro-stalker, i call him Top wanker because he can be a wanker of the highest order, but he's still fun. Its been a year and we still haven't met, in person. I know i walk in pretty shark(y) waters. Swim actually...

Warning: In the event of being stalked in cyberspace, If none of your friends actually know the stalker in question, under no circumstances should you acknowledge the stalker, as he may be a serial killer.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

CoCo Chanel

"As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!"

Lets get Naked

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Summer is calling...lets get naked. Its mighty difficult adjusting to the change in weather; the opaque tights have become too thick, the ankle boots have become too grungy looking, the androgynous look i used to define my wintery gloom now seems all too boring, its time to stock up on maxi dresses, florals, white dresses a la Vivienne Westwood, its time to rock my high waisted denim shorts sans tights of course (yikes), okay, with sheer tights for now.

I'm already wearing tan sandals/platforms with sheer tights but i need to make that full transition to no tights and total feet nudity...oh boy...

These Ysl gold platforms are the sexiest this season, my girls and i are just mad about gladiator sandals, my favourite is the Miu Miu Jesus sandals- (yeah that's what I'd like to call it) the tan Alaia sandals are just to die for, a staple on any fashionista's must have list this season, and Christain Louboutin peep toes................................. YES PLEASE.