Thursday, 24 May 2007

Toasting with the fashion faries

There was so much traffic, I didn't realise it was the inaugural match at Wembley. I had make up all over the place, I'm not one to care most times, but if i looked as shitty as i felt, then there was no way i was going to disgrace Zara at fashionville.

Okay then, Nottinghill here i am, with my one nation beige blazer and D$Gesque patent strapped heels..they really are magic shoes. i remember trying them on at selfridges, Zara said....oh no....but the next day i was back there...Prisca said oh i got em. Okay i know i digressed a bit, salut Cherie (hi darling) mua/mua... walking into my dream closet - Matches boutique in nottinghill, well not entirely, actually Karl lagerfeld's showroom is my ideal sorry...again...

yeah i was saying kissed Zara salut et oh my, louboutin's which i now call lou lou's, the dolce and gabbana lbd I would so love to wear to my birthday party. OK now where my glass of champagne.....i asked around, as i joined the party, drinking, chatting away, i was quite comfortable, you know being very used to classic snobbery, both as a giver and a receiver, but no they wouldn't leave me to it. We partied the night away...after i had a Thai chicken curry and a martini lemonade...while Zara was engrossed in conversation with the o*****

I've stayed over at Zara's a fair bit already, and there's never anything for me to eat...neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I need fuel as i had a lot to do today, like travel back home, get something decent to eat, sleep, feel guilty about not going to church and of course completely dishonour plans i had to meet a certain somebody...
gotta go back for my lou lou's though...................................

Sunday, 13 May 2007

My Ultimate summer hot looks

Its all about stripes, whites, blues, polos, linen, blazers, basically I am out to look like a Ralph Lauren poster girl. I just can not get enough of these masculine inspired shapes obviously not suited to all shapes and sizes. Sure works for me.