Saturday, 25 August 2007

'Grey is the new Black'

ok here I am....Lerato is always (for lack of a better word) BITCHING about how I don't ever come on her blog and don't ever write anything....yadi yadi ya....well she's right! but forgive me darling, here I am and its on! you've actually got some good entertaining stuff up in here! so I'm in love with dark colours, always have....every time i look at my pictures i'm wearing black or dark colours, or in my wardrobe i see a whole section of darks, i don't necessarily go out of my way to buy darks but it just happens that way. For the Fall, I'm looking to grey and darks, never mind....there will be a tint of colour here and there. This season, designers didn't fail to represent with darks on the runway: check out Derek Lam, and my new found love Doo Ri, Stella, Celine and Biba.


Thursday, 23 August 2007

Petite brat looking for a Posh hottie..

to enjoy hickie feast, theatre-dinner dates, and enjoys pulling suprises like shopping trips to Chanel and LV.
The bad weather has caused me to indulge in some worrying activities, i have never been a fan of speed/online/modern dating techniques-whatever modern is supposed to mean. Oooookay not fair to blame it entirely on the weather, as i have recently decided that Nigerian guys are a dating tragedy...sorry... nightmare. i digress...well, i found diesel dating; basically it's know..the denim brand...they've set up this catalogue of their models whom you can contact.

I've been at it all day, that is after my daily dose of, concrete loop, the sartorialist, topshop and i digress yet again. The girls are hotter than the guys,so not much help to me especially since i love boys, men, the opposite sex.

Viker say, "Newly graduate to meet bored forty something Mrs Robinson to start secret affair with. Your husband doesn't need to know. I spice up your daily routine."


They have also got videos of the models, which i think is top, as i can check out their asses, or lack there of. What am i thinking, I can't date a model, they'll be even more vain than i am, that won't, can't work. Maybe i should take it one step further and actually put up in a newspaper like metro or those London lites or whatever...wonder if I'll actually get replies, or at least a reply??? I might just bag a young and ambitious investment banker, young = 25 - 32. (i've got daddy syndrome, please don't judge my poor soul)

Better still an art dealer with eclectic friends as well as fashion sense, or even better an up an coming actor, or TV presenter,aristocrat...gosh.....choices......well, I'm tagged to marry a doctor, but we'll see about that.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Get down to business - Suits For Fall

Streamlined, precise tailoring, fuller pants, high tech fabrics, as well as traditional fabrics such as tweed. Salvatore Ferrangamo, TSE, Aquascutum stuck with loose fitted trousers, while Jil Sander, Tuleh and Topshop Boutique created chic fitted suits in both skirts and trousers. Disecting parts of this trend, sure its allowed with absolute class that is; I'd always go for the classic cut single breasted blazer, as well as the square shaped tweed jacket preferably in tweed or pinstripe.

Yes tweed is back.






Sunday, 19 August 2007




This is one of my favourite recurring trends; chunky knits playing with proportions, textures and still versatile. We have knits as sweater dresses, belted coats....Stella McCartney never fails at producing the sexiest sweater dresses.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

fall fantastic

After the half assed summer we have had in London, I am looking forward to my sweater dresses, tights and ankle boot, and of course the biggest leather bag in my closet. Fall 07/08, exciting trends, not entirely new but creative, like new collections by my personal favourites such as Duro Olowu and the Body Con King - Christopher Kane.

I know I've been an awful blogger, blame it on the champers, I'm back and buzzing with exciting features for this season. We have got inspiration from decades like the 20's, 40's and 70's, metallics are still hot, knits of course remain one of my favourites, the statement coat, body con, black is also bringing sexy back as well as colours like canary yellow, teal, burgundy...Giambattista Vali and Chloe are really working it.........check it out!!!!