Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I heart babies&hotties&puppies

Bank holiday weekend was rather eventful; from my rugby 'non' date to the rainy barbecue.

Saturday; I got bamboozled into going to watch a rugby match plus a dinner ball afterwards, just as this rugby player/enthusiast/friend of a friend also got bamboozled into taking me to his match. Adrenaline charged, port filled men and boys flying across the field and landing on each other, not exactly my idea of a Saturday bank holiday outing, although i was looking forward to the famed 'grunting', but not much of that occurred. Cheering the boys on i did get a stroke on the cheek prompting an experienced cheerer to say, "at least you get some show of affection, that's more than i ever get". I can guarantee that next time i am cajoled into rugby cheering, I'd definitely be making a picnic out of it with luxury seating arrangements, cupcakes, ice cream, the full works. Ladies! martinis at the ready, Boys! get scrumming!

Sunday's lesson; This summer make sure to eat before attending a barbecue because you risk starvation. My friend Shash invited us to her 'neighbours' barbie. The un-sexyness of the weather sure did nothing to keep us in high spirits. My fish pie held us for approximately five hours till the party food was ready to be eaten. Embezzling treats and drinks was not our finest moment, as you know i pride myself on being a chic young lady but dare i say, hunger and thirst brings out the worst in any man.

Monday; First i fell in love with my girlfriends's baby, then I fell deeply in love with that little gorgeousness in my video, now I'm a total wreck without a her. Reason two to consider rehab this summer.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Thinspiration !?

What was on the lunch menu yesterday? Lemon cake and Hot chocolate with whipped cream (rather essential topping!)
Last week, i said to A, "i think i need to see someone, i may be comfort eating, but i'm not depressed, way passed that, i'm actually in a fabulous place right now, but when i get into my apartment i just cannot stop eating." My fridge and kitchen cupboards are filled to the brim, from Green and blacks ice cream, to peanut butter to crab meat (new obsession by the way!) to flap jacks to crackers (ongoing obsession btw!). I just cannot bear to wake up and not find what i feel like eating at that particular time, so i thought it best to stock up on most of my faourites.
The other night i was watching desperate housewives on my laptop, when suddently i thought, hmmm i'd like to eat something, not hungry at all i tell you. Oven on, chicken gourjons at the ready! Her response was "ha ha ha". She did not take me seriously, i was genuinely worried, but then i guess people have real problems like getting loser boyfreinds/girlfriends, backstabbing friends, not enough shoes e.t.c. Going through a whole pack of crackers, WITH butter is not exactly SAFE. FYI: I'm famous amongst my pals for being the lady of treats, you will most likely find your treat of choice at mine.

Now I have a new problem, I call it the Stilettos-Starvation. The breakfast lover that i am, i wake up, rush rush, trying to get to whatever i have to get to for the day, i grab a flapjack, sometimes a cracker then I'm off by 4pm, a cupcake.....yum....10pm I'm dying for a buffet! (buffet symbolizes the quantity, i actually don't do buffets). I was craving plantains, so i made plantains, and that was it.

OMG! from writing this it just clicked, I'm starving because i don't have time to eat, or maybe I'm worried i might eat too much and become obese but I've never been weight obsessed, and my fridge can testify.

Are any of you as 'troubled' as i am, maybe we can be rehab-buddies???

I think I'll google 'eating disorder, or spiritual healing for food addicts'. Rehab is looking good this summer.


Friday, 9 May 2008

Toe sucking Eva

Eva Mendes' recent shoot for Vogue Italia. My fav has got to be the 'feet on boobs' picture, tres risqué, loves it! But toe sucking...Sexy??? hmmm

I'm a grubber not a clubber

This week has been .......(when i find words..ill replace this). On monday i was so excited, there was actually sun; too scared to bare my legs- just yet, i was in maxi dresses for the most part. On tuesday i came out for a well deserved dose of vitamin d. Lunch with my gal pal, 'the seductress' was delightful, rice, crab meat, prawns, spring onions (i am the queen of spring onions, when i haven't got a bunch in my fridge my friends worry), savignon blanc to top it off. Girlie dates, we love...we love...

Wednesday morning 'S' is at mine for a girlie day in; i did not wake up in great form, but something scrumptious always does the trick. Hint: come visit with cup cakes or ice cream or both. We cooked up some pomme sautéed and steak....we are steak lovers unlike some girls who pretend like its too much meat for a 'lady to eat', whatever, i say they are losing out big time. 'S' pops downstairs to snag us a bottle of rose or should i say *pink wine like someone i know; one of the perks of neighbouring a restaurant. Note: this meal was for lunch and not breakfast.

It was great to have her round as she stopped me from wearing denim pants and a lousy t-shirt to fash bash later that night. "Leeeeraaatooo, how can you wear jeans to go to a club'- i suddenly regained my senses. "So, i ended up at movida for Henry Holland's, fash bash party wearing a Luella-esque floral dresses that was flying all over the place. I couldn't believe it, i could have actually worn my jeans with slippers in fact, just like the guy who walked right past my friend and i, like wt*, then the model with the uggs. Like somebody i cant remember who said, "its better to be overdressed than under dressed". We had complimentary cocktails, then a £10 martini, which by the way, left me gobsmacked, I wouldn't mind paying £10 for a slice of cake at Sketch but this threw me off...well, that's what you get when u don't pick up the tabs. (I do a lot of the time though, i promise.)

I strained my eyes trying to count how many key pieces my fellow fashionistas were sporting; one miu miu dress, one loubies( the way)...a couple Chanel bags....yeah that's it...oh of course some pieces off Henry Holland's S/S 08 collection. Chit chatted here and there with Yvan - face hunter. Don't know why i just couldn't bring my own damn camera. On my way out, funny looking cross dresser-man/woman-not sure, oh behind him/her/it, was Sam Sparrow, gosh if he didn't wear so many neon looking things, perhaps i could fancy him.

Next month, I'll be back, wearing jeans and slippers, but I'll try to make them fashionable slippers like a Tory Burch or maybe more casual havainas, and ill most certainly be papping it up.
(papping = to take pictures)

Friday, 2 May 2008

For the love of shoes

After what started as an uninspiring shopping errand for 'the cuz', we finally picked up a 'treat' from the men's shoe department at selfridges, then we made the natural progression to women's shoes. What can i say...we love shoes!

Yellow: "...but you can't keep buying everything i want, its unfair"

Bounty: " pay me back with your it's fair!"

This bank holiday weekend; where will you be??? if I'm not out partying-eating-roaming the streets-in bed-oh! catching a flight, ill be for shoes :-)