Friday, 4 July 2008

Fashion is my future, Not Jay Z

So I've got my doll dress on and making my way to the Victor & Rolf Dolls exhibition. I'm also to attend this talk called, Fashion and Celebrity, the influence of Hollywood on fashion; notoriety. Amongst other fashion literati to attend are, Bronwyn Cosgrave, author of Made for Each Other: Fashion & The Academy Awards, Hadley Freeman, Deputy Fashion Editor, The Guardian and Roger Tredre, founder of the daily fashion journalist newswire, WGSN.

Its 7pm and i'm just about to leave my apartment, definitely no manolos on feet, because i don't run in them you see. In the mean time L is waiting for me with the most delish tickets for the o2 wireless festival, he's already rocking to Mark Ronson and calling me every second to make it before Jay Z comes on, like his life depends on it. But i try convincing him of the reality of my ambitious future which includes fashion and not Jay Z. Choosing between meeting the deputy fashion editor of the Guardian and the top boss at WGSN (the largest and most influential fashion resource) and screaming Hova!!!!!!!!!! Not an option. (To be honest i spent the entire day waiting for my press pass to come through and trying to calculate how i can make it to both events, before i saw the light)

To my delight the talk was very insightful, and sure i had opinions; from Victoria Beckham's campaign for Marc Jacobs, to Donatella Verscace calling Obama her new 'muse' - man of the moment.

I smell an Obama/Versace Menswear campaign, with Obama all bronzed and oiled slouching on a gold medusa engraved chair in a bronze suit, shirt half unbuttoned (as he usually wears his shirt), perhaps throw in Giselle, smudgy eyes and all in a goddess dress crawling at his feet....OK I'm getting carried away here.

The Doll exhibition was divine, i need to blog entirely on it...I need to fetch my Vitor & Rolf Dolls post cards and notes.....Right now Nadal needs me!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Can i get a Press Pass...pleeeeeeeeeeeease

I'm published, finally. I say finally as if i have been struggling as a journo for ages, but this is the best present ever, just fabulous. The cartoon lady on my column has a booty on her, not saying i dont, because of course i do, but all i'm saying is she looks more beyonce-ish than i do, not that i'm complaining as i am of course in love with my body and myself, okay..................

Now I have to practice on getting all those press passes.

The past week has been amazing from disvirgining our zen garden with champagne and caviar, only to wake up the next day with what i call grass attack to jetting to the humingbird bakery in south kensington just for some devine red velvet cupcakes a la 2000 calories for my 22nd birthday party. I even made the mojitos from scratch, as a friend asked..."oh my gosh Lerato...where did you get mint from?"..."eerrr, they have got mint in tesco darling". ROFLMAO

Gosh i feel old....and fat too!!!

p.s: I'm watching Nadal at the Wimbledon semi-finals and blogging at the same time, do not judge me for rambling!