Friday, 27 June 2008

Black is the new Black

PS: People should stop getting their knickers in a twist sending text messages saying BUY VOGUE, FIRST ALL BLACK ISSUE...errrrm its Vogue Italia/Italian Italian OKAY!!!! So buy Vogue Italia.

Uma Turman is on the cover of Vogue UK July 2008 issue, and Nicole Kidman graces the US July 2008 issue.

Now that i've gotten over my bad morning, here's the main story!

Vogue Italia is set to inspire change in the fashion industry with an all black issue shot by photographer extraudinaire, Steven Meisel.

This July edition features only black models and women in the arts and entertainment industry. It is an open secret that black models get the short end of the stick with jobs on the catwalk, in magazines and on billboards. Industry executives have been quoted as saying, "ethnic models do not inspire women to spend money", of course with the exception of model supremo Naomi Campbell a big hit on the catwalk, and on major magazine commercials like Louis Vuitton.

Controversial editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani says she was inspired by Barrack Obama's success in the US presidential primaries. Meisel photographed Naomi Campbell, Iman, Tyra Banks, Liya Kebede, Jourdan Dunn, Alek Wek and Pat Cleveland, among others.

Model du jour, Jordan Dunn graces the cover.......

Now i say what happened to asian models since we want to to get all concerned???

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Une fille au masculin

The new ad for Jean Paul Gaultier's latest perfume Ma Dame is tres sexy. Gaultier describes Ma Dame as the daughter in his collection of perfumes, “She is energetic, modern, and young in attitude, and that concludes the family.” The family includes Classique as the mother, Le Male as the father, the son is Fleur du Male, and Fragile is “sort of like the aunt... Ma Dam is my type of woman—at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants.”

As much as i ache over the sight of aggy at every turn, I do love any and everything in the spirit of androgyny! But hey, I am no TOMBOY ;-)

Aggy can sing

Who - Five o'clock Heroes feat. Aggyness Deyn

Besides making weird body shapes she can sing too! What is the world coming to? Model becomes singer, becomes actress, as she's set to star alongside Dustin Hoffman's son.

From now on, I'm editor in chief/model/photographer extraudinaire/celebrity chef/cocktail how's that?

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Front Row at Graduate Fashion week

Graduate fashion week is the hottest fashion event before London fashion week. I have since learnt not to wear balenciaga-esque construction style shoes to such events as I'll end up on a flip flop hunt after all that stiletto-aerobics;not sexy i tell you. After a morning of backstage antics and skipping to catch a bacon cheese burger a la m&s, it was showtime, of course i made a beeline for front row reserved seats, non reserved for me but i sat there with a face that screamed, LOOK AT ME AND WONDER BUT DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!.

There was a sitting for a total of 14 collections from the Edinburgh college of arts designers; total gorge binge. From romantic whites, a tux re-invention to a butterfly inspired colorfest. My three favourites were 'I walk you lead' by Salmena Carvalho, whose theme was strong summery butterfly colors such as yellow, pink, purple and red, contrasted by structure layered blouses and panelled long flowing dresses; 'Pretty in Pleats' by Katheryn Morrisey, inspired by victorian and Edwardian eras, with Victorian sleeves on luxurious woollen coats, and organza hooded tops fusing the classic and the modern; and 'Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto' by Richard Welch, fusing science fiction films with 1980's fashions with intricate tailoring and bold mix of geometry, colors and fabric. The Gala awards show was a celeb-fest with the fash pack mingling at the free pre-show bar. Claudia Schiffer, Stefano Pilati and fab two Aggy and Henners were on hand to dish out awards.

I say lets pack up and head to London Fashion Week; front row if i can help it.

xx Lerie

Richard Welch

Kathryn Morrisey

Salmena Carvalho

Friday, 6 June 2008

Prêt-à poser

Tayo, Kiren, Model impostor

So i woke up and decided to walk the thorny path of a budding journalist, fashion literati to be precise. The journey started sooner than i ever anticipated, thank God i decided to be more serious about my blog, Editor in chief of Scotscampus took a peek and offered me a chance of a 'girl about town' column. Just my kinda gig I'd say. One published column and the world is my oyster. I've started my gallivanting already, first at a test shoot for a makeup artist. (note: i certainly am not a model, was just, but i could be if offered lots of money - hint hint)

So i end up at this test shoot for a professional makeup artist, Crystal of Rosebudden.An actual modeling assignment, i wonder what i thought test shoot meant.hours and hours on makeup, the pack were as hungry as i was, so we had pizza delivered to the studio. When i was ready for slice two, i couldn't believe it was all gone, i thought models didn't eat, OK i didn't really think that, but i was hoping they would be on some skinny bitch diet then i could basque in pepperoni glory, tough luck.

Got into my outfit, a cute multicolor block skirt and a white tank top now its party time. I can't believe how nervous i was in front of the camera, me queen of vanity, only knows how to pose in front of the TV, and bathroom mirror, bloody hell i expected the photographer to go, give me sexy sexy sexy, hot, yeah, now look at the camera like you want me, yeah..., but no, the hairdresser Audrey was a brilliant director, helping me with the poses, and before we said cheeese!...i was all attitude...Audrey goes"oh!!! here comes beyonce".

This modeling thing is rather hectic, i may be a skinny bitch and all but the acrobatics involved was quite bone breaking! Crystal is actually using the shots for her new website..omg..omg..i'm gonna be famous...okay, not quite. Kiren a proper model was of course working it with those lengthy limbs of hers, crystal glued her up with some white feather eyelashes, glam i say, i so wanted to 'take', as mine were jumbo sized spider like eyelashes, tres glam for the shoot, but i swear it gave me sleepy eyes as heavy as it felt. The best part was the 'jump-pose' a la America's next top shoot was so much fun...oh my goodness, i just realised i lost my Chloe cardigan, this is so not happening to me right now, First its a cardigan, a material thing which i cherish, second, Its Chloe!
Woke up slightly hungover, again and its not the martinis, its my new found joie de vivre. I will be hanging out at the Graduate fashion week, its going to be fabulous getting all the backstage gossip and sitting for the show later in the evening on the 10th of June. If i pulled off getting invitations to the show and backstage access surely i can pull off gala tickets, ill just have to call the Awards director as early as i did today when i still have my early morning cutesy voice on. The Gala is an industry only-invitation only event for the presentation of awards for the best collections. I'll just make sure everyone gets good coverage in the column, then perhaps they can also send me free clothes off their premier collections.

June has started out with great surprises and as I'm having both mum and dad around for a week, i can only thank God, as he is about to reverse my near state of starvation (because lately i can't be bothered to cook although my fridge is as stocked as Jamie Oliver's)and bankruptcy(because the part of my brain that alerts me to check prices when shopping faulty).



Monday, 2 June 2008

à Dieu rive gauche

Legendary couturier Yves Saint Laurent has died at the age of 71. Deemed one of the founding fathers of 20th century fashion as groundbreaking and influential as Coco Chanel and Dior. The postwar era saw a bold shift in women's fashion, from conservative and austerity inspired to luxurious fabrics and bold silhouettes, full skirts, fitted jackets, power dressing in trouser suits and tuxedos.

Helmut Newton's iconic 1975 photo of 'Le smoking'

After setting up his couture house in 1962, Yves Saint Laurent began to develop the famous tuxedo suit, Le smoking. "I'm convinced women want to wear trousers, he said." Today we have many translations of this 'androgynous' style, from designers including Stefano Pilati who is currently the creative director of YSL to Karl Lagerfeld following Coco Chanel. Ysl still retains the translation of its founding father's idea of feminine masculinity, updating the tux look in all seasons.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2008 Ready to Wear

Yves Saint Laurent will always be remembered as one of fashion's greatest artists, one of the members of the French fashion holy trinity.

A Dieu Yves Saint Laurent and long live 'Le Smoking', God knows i do love mine.