Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fashion and Film: Prada Fall 08

Film has increasingly become the obsession du jour in fashion. Short films are now used to showcase new collections as well as replace the usual advertisements we have become used to. Muccia Prada treated over 1,500 to Prada's latest animation at the Prada Broadway Epicentre in New York. The film is produced by James Lima using the latest cyber scanning technology where the body is scanned, recorded and animated. This animation is in conjunction with the lace themed Prada Fall 08. References are made to the greats of modern art, such as Duchamp, Dali, Buñuel, and Escher, as the woman and her shadow take a journey through different landscapes in what i call 'reality animation'. Lima says, "The shadow is more alive and expressive than the woman."

Prada's Fallen Shadows

The lace in this collection is not quite pretty, yet not quite sexual, but most definitely provocative in its elusiveness. Strutting down the steep spiral runway, the models are clad in opaque suiting, under layered with nude colored dresses/shirt dresses with matching patent cone heels, gradually shifting to full on lace skirts, and dresses further intensifying the struggle between the covered up suiting and the transparency of the lace. Character filled fashion I say.

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